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Infrared Services

We provide a thorough scan of the home including walls, ceilings, and floors. The infrared camera shows thermal variations which provide us with crucial information that could range from energy loss and electrical problems to water damage, roof and pipe leaks, presence of fungi, damage from pest and rodent infestation, and potential structural defects.

Issues often discovered through Infrared scans:

  • Moisture Intrusion/Leaks
  • Roof and Ceiling Leaks
  • Heat Loss / Energy Loss
  • Pipe and Ductwork Leaks
  • Excess Heat in Electrical Components and Wiring
  • Insulation Deficiencies
  • Damage Caused by Termites and Other Insects
  • Damage Caused by Rats, Mice, and Other Rodents
  • Internal Structural Problems

For a complete building envelope inspection to be performed a minimum of 18 F temperature differential is required inside / outside.

Our infrared services are a great compliment to your home inspection because of the ability for the thermal imaging camera to see deficiencies that are not visible to the naked eye.

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